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Cardano Sounds CNFT
4 min readJan 8, 2022

The platform focused on bridging different artists, audio/music, art, and blockchain to empower creators.

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NFTs need sound, and creators need a commonplace

And sometimes, it feels like it’s missing.

Bridging gaps

Creators can be broken up into many categories: musicians, producers, audio engineers, designers, generative art coders, etc.

Finding a specific type of creator to collaborate with for projects can be difficult.

They also sometimes need “building blocks” as a base for creation.

How to empower creators?

First, you need to give them tools to create.

The Cardano Sounds platform will contain tools to create sound, combine it with other existing media, and mint NFTs directly for the lowest fees possible.

(demo: simple sequencer with a Dapp connector wallet minting — link)

Artists also need time.

In this society, time is money.

Creators using blockchain royalties could see greater returns over using traditional “Media Banks”.

Cardano Sounds is trying to create a new economy inside NFTs where individual creators can use each other’s work in a trustless manner. This could enable artists to focus only on their specialization and personal expression by earning royalties from their published pieces when other creators use them.


Enable others to use your work by staking your sound (as NFT) into a smart contract and earning royalties

The goal is to create a smart contract library full of the best sounds and music on a blockchain.

Not only music tracks.

Original sound loops.



Audio effects.

Who is going to use it?

Artists creating stunning visuals could find a sound to complement their art to set the right mood.

NFT Gaming projects, Traditional Collection drops, Animated or Interactive NFT projects — All of these projects could greatly benefit from CardanoSounds.

Even musicians making NFTs can use CardanoSounds as on-chain building blocks.

Only sound?

The first version will focus on providing sound as a foundation for creation and inspiration, complementing visual art.

However, there is also a plan to provide the same service for animations coded in p5.js (p5.js is a browser version for Processing, one of the most used technologies for generative art).

For example, our first NFT collection uses p5.js animations, reacting to the music, deployed as websites on Arweave.


Giving more power to creators

Create sound

The Cardano Sounds platform combines research and open-source audio/music tools development with a blockchain.

There are tons of research and already built tools around audio and music. We want to give more power to the creators, not only by connecting these to blockchain and NFTs but also by combining user interactions with algorithms to create a new sound. This way, you don’t need to be a musician to create a track with the right atmosphere for your NFT.

Use sound

You don’t feel like creating new sounds?

Just choose them from the decentralized smart contract library.

Anytime you use those, creators get paid royalties.

Combine it with your existing media

When you create or choose a music track from our smart contract library, you will be able to combine it with pictures, videos, or other music to create new art and mint it directly on the Cardano blockchain.

The NFT with your new creation will reference the used asset and the transaction which paid royalties to its original creator.



While exploring “the world of blockchains” trying coding wallets for different cryptocurrencies, in February 2021, DZ found Cardano. He studied UTXO, learned Haskell, and went through the first cohort of the Plutus Pioneers course.

At the beginning of the CNFT era, he got an idea to create something unique: an audio collection, which would be made only by transactions. If NFTs are created on the fly, there is no way for a creator to manipulate stock or gift the rarest pieces to friends. This approach also suits the Cardano time-limited minting policies. All of this grew into a bigger idea and led DZ to spend most of 2021 researching generative art, algorithmic composition, and its connection to the blockchain while building a base for the Cardano Sounds platform.


B.O.P. is an artist and a producer. He joined DZ in the beginning, created sounds for the first Cardano Sounds CNFTs and a logo.

He also helped form project ideas and designs.


The closest thing to a roadmap is a 3-waves — 3-month NFT mint plan, starting with this lite paper and ending with the governance whitepaper to release after NFT mint.

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The first wave, one of 3 open windows for Cardano Sounds CNFTs minting, will be Jan 19th 7pm UTC — Jan 20th 3am UTC.
By minting, you will support the platform and earn Cardano Sounds Community Token.